Women Services

Aiming to improve the education, health, cultural and social status of the Australian Palestinian families


  • Organizing social cultural activities
  • Raising health awareness among the women
  • Empowering women to have a more visible role in the community
  • Providing assistance and leadership training
  • Collaborating with other communities
  • Preserving our culture and heritage and sharing it with the wider community
  • Assisting new arrivals and refuges in settling and integrating with the wider community
  • Representation at forums and conferences


Palestinian women in Victoria are an active and effective group to promote the PCA charter and objective.


The committee works closely with the Victorian councils and the department Multicultural Commission on implementing programs and activities that benefit the Australian Palestinian Community, with special focus on women.

To learn more about our programs and activities, please refer to the News and Events sections


Youth Services

Aiming to enhance the health, confidence and well being of the young Australian Palestinians

Dabkeh - Our Palestinian Traditional Dance

The Palestinian youth in Australia embrace the culture of their grand parents. Supported by Manningham City Council, PCA organizes weekly Dabkeh training sessions during school terms. Contact us for more info.

Social Activities

The youth group is very active in organizing social gatherings on monthly basis. Activities range from going to the movies, rock climbing, bowling and many sports activities.

PCA provides email services. You can access the email services by visiting PCA email portal.