National Multicultural Festival 2008 - Canberra

El-Rozana Showcases Palestinian Folklore in the National Capital

In one of the biggest national events of the year, the National Multicultural Festival in Canberra (8th to 17th February) attracted many thousands of Australians who enjoyed a huge number of diverse cultural booths, delicious food stalls and performances.

One of the star performers of this year was our own ElRozana Dabke Troupe, Thanks to the efforts of our Palestinian Ambassador in Canberra, Dr. Izzat Abedelhadi.

Elrozana captured the audience with three brilliant performances at the festival main stage. Attended by many hundreds, the young girls and young man performed at noon, afternoon and early evening.

The evening session attracted well over 700 people in attendance, one of our most attended and flawless performers the group ever performed. Presented by Amin Abbas, the group director, the audience was reminded of one key fact. Palestinians may very well be forced to live away from their homeland, but their love, passion and even landscape of Palestine is forever embroidered in their hearts and the red strings of these black dresses. All born in Australia, the young Palestinian Australians are proud to be the bearers of their ancestors folklore.

The Palestinian booth was also one of the highlights of the festival. Bringing collection of Artefacts and antique items in an informative display to the visitors, the Palestinians community in Canberra, including the Ambassadors own family, used every moment to educate everyone about Palestine.