Arabic Language Debate

July 2005



VCE students from the Arabic Culture school

Guest Visiter

Dr. Abdul Samad Abdulla - University of Melbourne

Palesrtinian Charity Association in Collobaration with the Arabic Culture school organized this special event by the VCE students from the Arabic Culture school supervised by their VCE teacher Reem Younis and the school principal Bassam Kamel. The students debated weather Arabic a truely global language.. a group was with and another was against. The objectivesof this session were,

  • Strengthen the VCE students> '> self confidence
  • Raise the awareness in the community of this improtant topic
  • Provide a practical practice for the oral exam at the end of this year.
  • Improve our self pride of our native language and culture.
  • Encourage the participation and engagement of youth in such events.
  • Strengthen the communication bridges with the Arabic youth and understand their needs and values.

The lecture was very informative, and the audience enjoyed every minute!