Graduation Ceremony

April 2005

The Palestinian community in Victoria celebrated the graduation of many Victorian Palestinians. The ceremony included, remembering Land Day (speech by Mohammed Haj Hussain), Dabkeh performance and the usual news items and monthly gathering activities.

Many community members helped organize this event. PCA greatly appreciates the contribution of one particular member, who prefers to remain anonymous, for their generous contribution in covering the full cost of the trophies and medals. Thank you!

Ahmed Azzam, Basem Abdo, Nabil Elsaafin, Mohammed Naser, Ahmed El-Farra, Maha Elsaafin, Sara Elsaafin, Salma Hajhusein, Abdallah Labadi, Lana Mobaslat, Bushra Othman, Ibrahim Odeh, Khaled Ikbarieh, Hadeel Badran



Dalia Athamneh, Dina Murad, Hamsa El-Farra, Rita Naser, Raed El-Farra, Mahmoud Ismael, Moayad Ismael, Khaled Tayeh, Mohammed Odeh, Omar El-Hissi, Mohammed Kotifan, Salam Samour, Sana Hijazi, Shaker Hijazi, Khaled Abbas, Ghassan Othman, Mansur Naser, Rifka Dakkak, Suha Mansur, May El-Agha, Lara Badran

Mai Sarraj