The Question of the Apartheid Wall in Australian Politics

23rd September 2004

Guest Speakers

Anne Page (Sinclair) (Democrats)

Berhan Ahmed & Matthew Wright (Greens)

Australia's diplomatic reactions to the events in the Middle East are of major concern to many Australians. The UN vote on resolution ES-10 concerning the Apartheid Wall raises many questions on Australia's claim of an impartial position in this conflict.

In advance of the federal elections, the Palestinian Charity Association invited the major parties to share their policies and views on this topic. The Greens and Democrats accepted the invitation and provided detailed insights on their public policies on the Apartheid Wall and Middle East conflict in general. Many community members capitalized on the opportunity by raising many questions and discussion issues. The feedback was very positive on an event that was informative to both, the audience and speakers alike.

The Palestinian Charity Association has also participated with other member organizations of the National Coalition of Palestine Support Groups in circulating a questionnaire to all major and some minor parties in June 2004.

The Liberals and Labour parties declined our invitation.