About PCA

The Palestinian Community Association of Victoria is an Australian registered organization located in Melbourne, Victoria. The Association general assembly approved a name change in June 2006 from the former name "Palestinian Charity Association".

Our Mission

Engage the Palestinian community with the wider Australian society while maintaining and promoting our Palestinian identity.

Our Objectives

  1. Promote strong social relationships amongst members of the Palestinian community.
  2. Foster Palestinian community integration with the Australian society while maintaining the unique Palestinian heritage, values and sense-of-belonging.
  3. Improve the welfare of Australians that are of Palestinian background, and seek assistance from government and/or nongovernmental bodies when required.
  4. Enhance the role of the youth in the community by engaging them in social, cultural or sports activities.
  5. Support the Palestinian cause and the aspirations of the Palestinian people.
  6. Bridge and cultivate relations with Palestinian communities in the homeland through charity, cultural and social activities.
  7. Act as a consultative body to the Government, Media organizations, or Individuals for subjects relating to Palestine and/or the Palestinians.
  8. Promote awareness and knowledge of the Palestinian identity, culture, and history.

Our Structure

The Management committee of the organization is elected annually, and has seven members with defined roles and responsibilities.

2009/2010 Management Committee

- Gamal El-Safeen
- Ayman Ibaida
- Khalid El-Safeen
- Riyad Albuhaisi
- Ali Ibaida
- Osama Aldali
- Osayd Awawda
: Chairman
: Vice Chairman and Treasurer
: Secretary and Events Coordinator
: Social officer
: Sponsership Officer
: Events Coordinators
: Social Officer